About Us

Almis Simans

GOOD WALKING BOOKS began as an idea of sharing walking journeys that we had experienced in Europe, South America and Australasia. Many people have said that they ‘would love to walk those paths, but don’t know where to begin’. So, in 1999 we decided to put our travel journals and photos to good use and develop a range of informative educational courses and books as a resource for intending travellers, to make it easier for you who are thinking of walking these fascinating paths.

THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to explore our world on foot. We appreciate other types of travel as well - Cruising, Bussing and Driving. However it is by walking that we can deeply immerse ourselves in the worlds of the Romans, the Vikings, the medieval European Kingdoms. We truly journey through history when we walk these ancient paths. * Almis Simans, publisher, presenter, tour guide

Why is walking becoming more popular?

In a word: RE-ENGAGEMENT. Yes, we are re-engaging with the world around us. Walking gives us the opportunity to travel through landscapes at our human pace. It involves effort, but not struggle. Walking is one of the most natural motions and movements for the human body and we are now recognising its benefits.

How can I begin my walking adventure?

The best way that you can begin your walking adventure is to decide which walk will best suit your interest and lifestyle. Age and fitness levels are secondary considerations, because these we can work with.

This is how we help you - Our Courses

Our Courses put you in the 'walker's stride' by letting you see and learn about the wonderful journey you're planning to embark upon. We look at practical preparations such as how to buy the right sort of footwear and the appropriate wet-weather gear. This saves you time and money. Then we develop itineraries which allow you enough time to visit the historic houses, the castles and the village fairs on your walk.

Our Tours

We have led groups on the 'Macquarie's Kingdom Tour', 'le Puy to Conques' in France, 'Camino Frances' and along a section of 'The Via Francigena'. We can arrange small group tours on these itineraries or on some of the other destinations and journeys listed on this website.

Our Books

Our books have been produced for travellers like you. Our books become your COMPANION GUIDES, for you to read and help you plan your journey in your own time. Each book and ebook includes a travel narrative detailing the daily journey, as well as overview maps, pictures, handy practical hints and suggested further reading.

Our Talks

We present talks at community functions and groups such as PROBUS, ROTARY and HISTORICAL Societies. We cover a variety of subjects and themes which are well received. If you think that one of the subjects in this website would be suitable for your group, contact us for speaking dates.

It's Time

YOU KNOW it's time to start your journey. We've Read the Walk, Talked the Talk, and NOW it's time to Walk the Walk.

If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are—if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time. - Joseph Campbell.

Setting off from Paine Grande Hostel on the Torres Del Paine Walk

Presentations to:

  • Local Historical Societies
  • Probus Groups
  • Rotary Groups
  • Special Interest Groups

Associated Educational Organisations

  1. Sydney University - Centre for Continuing Education
  2. WEA - Workers' Educational Association
  3. Macquarie Community College
  4. Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Community College
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