Bondi - Coogee Walk, Sydney, Australia

Sydney's most popular walk - 16 km, 4 hrs

TOne of the swimmer-friendly sea pools on the walkTHE BONDI - COOGEE WALK is the best known walk in Sydney. People take their overseas visitors along parts or the whole trail to show off their home town. The 16 km walk between Bondi and Coogee is well serviced by public transport, although you can find car parking spots.

HISTORY: "Bondi" or "Boondi" is an aboriginal word meaning "water breaking over rocks" or "noise of water breaking over rocks." The Australian Museum records that Bondi means "place where a flight of nullas took place." The beginnings of the suburb of Bondi go back to 1809, when William Roberts, received a land grant in the area from Governor Bligh. From 1855 to 1877 Francis O'Brien of the Bondi Estate made the beach and the surrounding land available to the public as a picnic ground and pleasure resort, but for many years threatened to stop public access to the beach. Eventually in 1882 Bondi Beach was opened to the public. In the mid 1850s buses begun to run to the edges of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Transport beyond there was either on foot, horse, cart or by private transport. THE FIRST ELECTRIC TRAM SERVICE down to Bondi Beach began late in 1906 and lasted until 1960. The saying "Shoot through like a Bondi Tram" (it means to leave in haste) originated in Paddington because, in the peak hour, there were express trams to Bondi.

Bondi Beach - famous for its surf

1. Bondi Beach
2. Tamarama Beach
3. Brinte Beach
4. Clovelly Beach
5. Coogee Beach

HISTORY: The Path was begun as a state project in the 1930s.

ABORIGINAL ART: Evidence of coastal occupation by Aboriginals includes rock carvings like the shark or whale next to the path south of Mackenzies Point (whales migrate regularly along this coast). Other carvings can be found at Ray O’Keefe Reserve and Williams Park (Bondi Beach Golf Course) at North Bondi.

Map of walking Route on the Bondi to Coogee Walk

ITINERARY for Bondi - Coogee Walk - 14 km

  • WHERE TO START: At Bondi Beach and then the road near the Bondi Icebergs Club on the southern side of the beach.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: By car or train to Bondi Junction and bus to Bondi Beach.
  • WHEN TO GO: We recommend this as an all-year walk. Summer, sun hat and swimming, winter, warmer clothing.
  • FACILITIES: There are plenty of restrooms and water fountains along the way. Have a walk through the famous Waverley Cemetery while you’re there.
  • FOOD & WATER: Take at least one litre per person and some snacks in case you get hungry, although there are plenty of kiosks and cafes in Bondi and Coogee.
  • WALKING GEAR: Weather: can change at anytime, so pack appropriate wet weather gear, sun hat and glasses.
  • THE WALK: 14 kms of varied walk along Sydney's eastern suburbs beaches.
  • Half Day. Start at Bondi Beach. Walk to Coogee. Then catch a bus back to Bondi Junction, and if you need to catch another bus back to Bondi beach.
Our Take:
This is a walk that your interstate and overseas visitors will probably ask you to take them on because of the renown of Bondi Beach. With cafes, restaurants and views it really is: Sydney’s most popular seaside walk.