Enjoying an exhilarating walk along the Camino with wet weather gear

For all walks longer than a day, we recommend you look at investing in some appropriate walking gear. You'll be able to enjoy your walk!

Your Gear will make your Walk more Secure

Walking Journeys love walkers who use appropriate gear:
Investing in the appropriate gear makes a lot of sense. The clothes and footwear you buy will last for a number of years, and much of it is now mainstream apparel.

You're better off to buy the best you can afford, as it will last longer and you won't have to replace it as often. If you're uncertain about any piece of gear, ask the staff in the Walking Journeys Outfitters Stores for help in selecting the right piece of gear.


Your gear should be:

  • Your size.
  • Tested out before your walk.
  • The best you can afford.
  • Make you feel good when you're walking.
What Gear to Take
  • COMPASS, MAP and/or GPS.
  • Reliable compass.
  • Map of area or walk.
  • GPS for those who prefer. (Must have compass & map as well)
  • Guide Book.
  • Appropriately fitted walking shoes or boots. Get from reputable supplier.
  • Inner and outer socks (no cotton).
  • Include orthotics if you use them.
  • Take some time in getting footwear that is suitable for you. The best time to try them out is in the afternoon when your feet have expanded as much as they will during the day. Then with your inner and outer socks, together with your orthotics, if you use them, try on boots.
  • Day pack about 35 litre capacity.
  • Room for water bottles and water bladder, if you use one.
  • Include a Drysack to keep your contents dry.
  • Include a pack cover to keep the rain off.
  • Include Snacks, nuts, lollies, chocolate.
  • Include Savoury snack, sandwich.
  • At least one litre of water.
  • Travel thermos for coffee or tea.
  • EPERB (emergency beacon) for local bush walks.
Having the right gear should:
  • 1. Make you feel more confident on your Walking Journey.
  • 2. Minimize blisters and injuries.
  • 3. Keep you on the track and assist with navigation.