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Your Guide to Exploring Historic Sydney Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie Old Government House at Parramatta
Sydney Cove in Macquarie's time Elizabeth Macquarie had a strong influence on the colony's progress Samuel Marsden's estate at Mamre
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Governor Lachlan Macquarie was sent to the colony to take control after the mutinous conduct of the NSW Corps. Power was transferred without bloodshed and in 1810 the new governor took over the reins and began implementing his vision of a colony worthy of the Empire.

The Macquaries spent 12 years in the colony and left behind a solid legacy which was the foundation for a future Australia. The Macquarie story is a remarkable one and encompasses a number of memorable colonial undertakings.

Mrs. Macquarie's Chair near Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens

A Guide for Visitors, Students and Travellers

Macquarie set about developing his vision of the British Empire in the antipodes. He was able to acquire the services of Francis Greenway, transported for forgery. Greenway’s talent’s, Elizabeth’s suggestions and his own indefatigable drive caused some wonderful buildings to be erected. The Government Stables, Hyde Park Barracks, St. Luke’s in Liverpool, St. Matthew’s in Windsor, and of course the wonderful Rum Hospital on Macquarie Street, were all built during Macquarie's tenure.

The Story of Lachlan Macquarie's 12 year rule in N.S.W from 1810 - 1821

Dispatches from London took 6 months to reach N.S.W. Macquarie was able to use the delay to implement his policies and create the infrastructure of the future nation. He had many detractors who reported their concerns directly to the minister back in London. Macquarie was a ceaseless traveller, and it some of these travels that we explore.

Sydney in Macquarie's Time

Macquarie's Kingdom Reviews

One of the best ways to understand history is to revisit the original places where events took place and to retrace the movements of key individuals. Macquarie's Kingdom provides an exciting and engrossing template for rediscovering the early Australian colonial past - by walking in the footsteps of Lachlan Macquarie and his contemporaries. This publication is an ideal introduction and reference source for getting started.
- Robin Walsh, author of "In Her own Words" - the Letters of Elizabeth Macquarie

I have enjoyed reading your book which I purchased following your Probus Chatswood central talk a week or so ago. Congratulations.
- Douglas grant, 2012

A walking guide which focusses upon the locales significant to and buildings established during the governorship of Lachlan Macquarie. Without tying the visitor to a set series of walks, this guide breaks the Sydney area into discrete locations and enumerates the 'Macquarie highlights' in each zone, allowing the sightseer to set their own pace in the course of their visit. The area covered by the guide includes the Blue Mountains, the Hawkesbury region and Newcastle amongst others, so all types of Macquarie-hunting tours can be devised from this one authority.
- Historic Houses Trust, 2012

A guide book for the explorer wanting to know more about colonial Sydney. Join Governor Macquarie as he and his wife fashion Sydney into their version of a British colony and explore Sydney's wondrous environs from Bathurst to Newcastle.
- Library Bookshop, 2012

There is little doubt among the people of NSW that governor Lachlan Macquarie was one of the country's most influential European settlers. But in Almis Simankevicius, I think we have found one of the governor's biggest fans. Inviting us to take a walk around greater Sydney, Simankevicius' book is as much an ode to Macquarie as it is a travel guide to Australia's first city.
- Book Review, Books and Lifestyle, Sun-Herald 2006

This unique guidebook will help visitors, students and families explore the colonial heritage of Sydney and environs based on Lachlan Macquarie's twelve year period as governor of New South Wales between 1810 and 1821.
- Australian Publishers and Authors' Bookshow Sydney, 2004

An Easy Guide to Exploring Historic Sydney

In comparison to Europe, Australia’s span of history is small, yet since 1788 so much has happened. Our past is full of fascinating stories of the men and women who forged and shaped this nation. So, one fine morning, we set out on a marvellous journey to explore the imprint Lachlan Macquarie had left upon our landscape. And we invite you, dear reader, to join us in this colonial adventure. Together we will explore Sydney’s unique heritage and meet some of the people associated with its development.

The Ideal Historical and Tourist Guide to Exploring Sydney

Macquarie was the first governor who left a major infrastructure for us to visit, and many of the sites and buildings he ordered into existence still remain.


  • The Development of Sydney.
  • Exploring Parramatta.
  • Visiting the Cowpastures.
  • Crossing the Blue Mountains.
  • Looking at Aboriginal Heritage.
  • The Infamous Coal River.
  • The Macquarie Hawkesbury Towns.
  • Price includes Post.
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