Greenway's Government Stables, Sydney

It all began in colonial Sydney. Cutlasses, pistols, hangings and floggings. The slapping of ships’ halyards in Sydney Cove. Narrow, cobbled, dirty roads. Soldiers, traders, sailors and settlers. Rum shops, greasy steak houses and mean hovels. From this early nineteenth century melee, Lachlan Macquarie began to mould and develop a social and civil infrastructure from the shabby one that existed in the penal colony into a future nation that we now know as Australia.

EXPLORING Colonial NSW: In Macquarie's Era (1810 - 1821) - One Day 9.30am - 4.30pm

In Macquarie's Kingdom - Colonial Sydney and environs:
we explore the transformation of Sydney during Macquarie’s period 1810 – 1821. We also look at the explorations Macquarie undertook to establish the colony and lay the foundation for a future Australia.

Involved participants. Really interesting in range of matter presented. Well researched.

Really enjoyed the fact that not merely a spoken nor 'whiteboard' collection of facts. The appropriate music made for a good atmosphere and other additional props -both live and books. Photos made for more realism.

Fantastic. Terrific. Great. Congratulations. Well done. A great variety which kept my interest all day.

Course Information

Macquarie's Kingdom Full Day Course Includes:

  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Interactive Discussions.
  • Audio-Visual Presentations.
  • Fun Quiz.
  • Next Scheduled Course: Saturday 10 March
Course Sessions
  • SESSION 1.
  • Botany Bay. Early settlement. Governor Bligh and The Rum Rebellion.
  • The events which brought Lachlan Macquarie to New South Wales.
  • The growth of Sydney Town.
  • SESSION 2.
  • Macquarie’s exploration of the interior: Parramatta, Liverpool.
  • The Macquarie towns on the Hawkesbury.
  • The Cowpastures, Sydney Town.
  • SESSION 3.
  • Look at current re-enactment and heritage societies.
  • The 73rd Regiment. Crossing the Blue Mountains. Bathurst.
  • Macquarie rebuilds Sydney.
  • Aboriginal Heritage.
  • Session 4.
  • Heritage walks and trails. Annual Muster.
  • The Colonial Quiz. The Lachlan Macquarie Room.
  • Coal River (Newcastle). Historic South Head.
  • Macquarie Mausoleum at Mull.
Planned Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, participants should be able to:
  • 1. Know of Lachlan Macquarie’s influence on colonial New South Wales and his contribution to contemporary Australia.
  • 2. Know the reasons for Elizabeth and Lachlan Macquaries’ arrival in the colony.
  • 3. Know where to take visitors who are interested in Sydney’s history.