The village of Dovre in the valley, early morning

Norway: This Scandinavian country shows its wilderness on a grand scale. In this classic journey we explore Norway’s western fjords, sailing on the world famous Hurtigruten line from Bergen to Kirkenes, visiting settlements situated deep in the Arctic Circle. We travel across the land of the Vikings, Norse raiders who terrified the people of the southern lands between 800 – 1066 AD.

EXPLORING Norway, Vikings, pilgrims

In Norway
as well as visiting the fascinating cities of Oslo and Bergen we look at Norwegian culture and follow the old Pilgrims’ route along St. Olav’s Way from Oslo to Trondheim. We attend a Viking feast and explore the Norse Myths.

The route through Norway

ITINERARY for the Norway Journey

This is an outline of the 20-day Norwegian itinerary that includes historic sites, walking excursions and superb scenery and a number of ferry crossings.

  • Begin at: Oslo, Norway
Norwegian Itinerary:
  • Day 1. Oslo. Domkirk, Pilgrims' Centre. Bygdoy: Viking Ships Museum & Folk Museum.
  • Day 2. Oslo. Aker Gamle Kirk. T-bahn to Holmenkeller Ski Jump.
  • Day 3. Oslo. National Gallery. Opera House. Bygdoy: Kon Tiki and Fram Museums. Aker Brygge and Noble House Museum.
  • Day 4. On the E6 towards Trondheim. Hamar - Crystal Cathedral ruins. Jorungard Midlesatter medieval village. Ringebu Stave Church. Dovrekirk at Dovre.
  • Day 5. Dovre. Walk Fokstugu to Dovre over Dovrefjell, wonderful walk, variable weather.
  • Day 6. Dovre. Walk Fokstugu to Valasjo. Wet weather all day, until the end. Great views of Norway's wilderness.
  • Day 7. Dovrekirk. Then on E6 past Dombas and Oppdal to Skaun and Husaby.
  • Day 8. 18km on the pilgrim's path through forests. To Buvika. Pilgrim's boat across the head of the fjord to Sundet Farm.
  • Day 9. Rain threatening today. Along roads and through forests. About 6km from Trondheim, caught the bus into town. O/night at Trondheim Pilgrim's Centre.
  • Day 10. Nidaros Cathedral and Museum. Explore Trondheim.
  • Day 11. Sverresborg Folk Museum. Stiklestad - the battlefield in 1030 where Olaf 2 was killed, and so became a saint.
  • Day 12. Ocean Road to the wonderful town of Alesund.
  • Day 13. Exploring Alesund, statue of Rollon, founder of Normandy. Nordic Sweaters.
  • Day 14. Travel towards Dovre. Trollstigen (Troll's ladder) and Trollveggen (Troll's Wall) for climbers. O/night at Dovre.
  • Day 15. Travel to Otta and Lom with its Stave Kirk. Bleak alpine landscape near the Jotenheim N.P. and down to Lustrafjord. Narrow road from Skjolden to Ornes with the oldest Stave Kirk in Norway. ferryn across to Solvorn and O/night at kaupanger.
  • Day 16. Fjord Cruise from Kaupanger to Gundevagen. Raining and overcast, so no show for the Flam Railway. On towards Bergen.
  • Day 17. Bergen. Good place for coffee and the only laundromat in Scandinavia. General exploration of harbour.
  • Day 18. Bergen Museum, Vinmonopolet Store. Bergen Kunstmuseum, Domkirk and assorted museums. Rainy weather.
  • Day 19. Bergen. Edvard Greig Museum. Along Hardanger Fjord and over Hardanger Plateau to Geilo.
  • Day 20. Geilo. Back to Oslo and airport.
Our Take:
This journey takes in much of central and coastal Norway. We go in search of those elusive trolls and the pilgrim's path from Oslo to trondheim, and find a marvelous country in which to travel.