On the Milford track

Magnificent MacKinnon's Pass, Milford Track Enjoying the nightlife at Mintaro Hut MacKinnon Pass shelter Hut - just in time
Our first night at Clinton Hut, Milford Track This dry riverbed would become a torrent of water The Magnificent Sutherland Falls
New Zealand's most popular hiking trail - the Milford Track

Since the route was opened in 1888, everyone from experienced walkers to beginners breaking in their new boots, have all taken up the challenge of walking the Milford Track. After reading about New Zealand’s South Island and its amazing Fiordland area, we decided that the Milford Track was for us, and we chose to go as independent walkers. And the track made sure we experienced it in its many guises - benevolent, rain-soaked, windy and occasionally serene.

Walking Route along the Milford Track

Wilderness walking, track history, hut life - all in one book!

This was a great four day trek. We got totally soaked (2 ½ days of rain). Our clothes did not dry, but it was good fun. We made quick friendships with our fellow walkers, since we all shared the same conditions, and the same goal - to reach Sandfly Point. Each hut had its own ranger who would provide a debrief of the day’s journey and gave us a weather report for the next day.

54 km hiking trail, Sandfly bites, pouring rain = Fun on the Milford Track

A Fiordland Poem that sums up the weather:

  • “It rained and it rained and rained and rained.
  • The average fall was well maintained.
  • And when the tracks were simply bogs,
  • It started raining cats and dogs.
  • After a drought of half an hour,
  • We had a most refreshing shower.
  • And then most curious thing of all,
  • A gentle rain began to fall.
  • Next day was also fairly dry,
  • Save for a deluge from the sky.
  • Which wetted the party to the skin
  • And after that the rain set in”.
  • - By an Anonymous Fiordland Tramper.
  • Wonderful Waterfalls into Lake Ada

    On the Milford Track Reviews

    Although not a guidebook to the Milford Track, plenty of information about track conditions, weather, scenery, food & clothing can be gleaned from reading it. The author uses a mix of his own personal experience, historical accounts & Maori legend which lends itself to a good all-round perspective. As a dedicated walker of long distance European trails myself, I liked he was not afraid to mention where he may have got it wrong (eg wet clothes & gear)...comforting to those of us bound to make mistakes undertaking this classic walk with its own challenging conditions! A very enjoyable read. Thanks for writing this book Almis.
    Karen R, 2015

    I did enjoy the book. I must admit that it was not what I thought it was when I bought it. I thought it was going to be a step by step guide to walking the track with information that would be helpful such as length of paths, gradient and so on. That being said, I really did enjoy reading it once I got going because you gave a friendly 'feel l like you are really there' feel to the track. You gave a good impression of how much rain to expect which I didn't think of before. I will be well prepared for rain and sandflies before I attempt the track thanks to you. I decided not to do Milford this year as I had originally planned and am doing the South West Coast track in Tas instead. I will have another read of your book before I go to NZ though. Thanks for the info.
    Robyn Cahill, 2013

    To those who have not been there, it is a worthwhile read, and for those who have been there it is quite enjoyable and will bring back memories. This is another book which can be recommended to all.
    Owen Marks, Sydney Bushwalker

    This is a book for anyone who has ever had the desire to walk in New Zealand's wilderness areas and to learn about the Maori myths and the fascinating history of the "Finest Walk in the World".
    Australian Publishers' Bookshow, Sydney

    Our Personal Account of 54 km on the Milford Track

    After a day and a half of clear weather, we experienced the heavy rainfall of the Clinton Valley. The climb to Mackinnon's Pass was exhilarating. A 20 minute window of sunny weather unveiled the majesty of the pass and then a cheeky Kea (NZ parrot) led us along the thin path down to Dumpling Hut and the even wetter Arthur Valley.

    The Ideal Companion Guide to read before your Journey

    On the Suspension Bridge just before the Downpour

    We've put together our experiences of four days walk on the Milford track to help you plan your journey. Of course, there's nothing like doing it yourself. ON THE MILFORD TRACK includes:

    • Four Day Itinerary.
    • Maori Myths of the Landscape.
    • The Discovery of Mackinnon's Pass.
    • Gear to Take.
    • Clothes to Wear.
    • Places to Visit.
    • DOCS Huts and experiences.
    • Challenges and Rewards.
    • Price includes Post.
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