A map and a chat to a local walker on the Cotswold Way, will always see you right

Knowing a certain amount about your walk, and the areas that you'll be passing through or staying at, will greatly add to your total experience. You'll be able to enjoy your walk!

Reading BEFORE your walk will give you a greater APPRECIATION

SPEND some time at your local library and acquaint yourself with:
the vast selection of guides and travel narratives. These usually give you a good start to your travel investigations.

Once you have looked through and read some of these guides, you may like to visit your local bookshop and buy the Guide Book or Companion Guide for your Walk. For maps, we recommend you locate a Map Shop or Google sites like Guidepost in the UK for UK walks.

Companion Books, Maps & Guide Books

Your reading list should include:

  • A Guide Book.
  • A Companion Guide - like we have listed here at Good Walking Books.
  • Walking Grade Map.
  • Internet References from other walkers.
What Type of Guide & Companion Book, Map
  • Cicerone.
  • Trailblazer.
  • Lonely Planet.
  • National Trails Guide.
  • Good Walking Books.
  • Lightfoot Companion Series.
  • Lonely planet.
  • MAPS.
  • Harvey Maps - British Walking Trails.
  • Via francigena - AIVF Maps.
  • Ordinance Survey - Outdoor Leisure.
  • NSW Lands Department Maps.
  • Check your Local Library.
  • Good Walking Books.
  • Lonely Planet.
  • Classic Travel Narratives.
Your Reading Preparation should:
  • 1. Inform you of the overall Walk.
  • 2. Give you options such as places to visit, extra rest days and must-see sites.
  • 3. Prepare you for some of the experiences as reported by other walkers.