A group of pilgrims walking the Via Francigena in Italy

This all depends on how you want to approach, your walking Journey. We have tried both, as clients and leaders. In Summary, select an Escorted Walking Tour if you feel you would like to be part of a group and leave the navigation and planning to the leaders. Select a Self-Guided Walking Tour if you would like to experience navigating your own way, in your own time along the trail. Both alternatives work well.

HAVE a LOOK at all the ALTERNATIVES available to You

There are many companies who organise Walking Holidays:
Two that we have used are Sherpa Holidays and Contours Holidays. Both offer programs to suit most walkers and are reliable operators.

They are only two of hundreds of operators. For other companies, Google the name of the walk you're interested in and a range of companies will appear on your screen. Talk to your friends or other travellers to see who they recommend. You will eventually find the right company to get you going on your Walking Holiday.

Self-Guided and Escorted Walks

You are looking for a Company (for Self-Guided and Escorted Walks):

  • To Organise Accommodation.
  • To Transport your Luggage.
  • To Provide Trip Notes.
  • To Fit your Itinerary.
What Type - Self-Guided or Escorted
  • You plan your itinerary, or select a suggested one.
  • Your Accommodation is booked for you.
  • Your Luggage is transported for you.
  • You walk at your own pace, making your own way to each night's accommodation.
  • The Itinerary is Set for the Group.
  • Your Accommodation is booked for you.
  • Your Luggage is transported for you.
  • You walk with your Group.
  • Group Activities and Camaraderie.
Once you have selected Self-Guided or Escorted you should:
  • 1. Begin your preparations.
  • 2. Read all you can and talk to other travellers.
  • 3. Know that you're going to have a great time.