Spit - Manly Walk, Sydney, Australia

Sydney's most popular harbour walk - 10 km, 3 hrs

Low tide on the Spit to Manly WalkTHE SPIT - MANLY WALK is one of Sydney's iconic walks along the harbour foreshores. Only 10 km long, it packs in a lot of visual features. And can be done in both directions. This is also a good training walk for when you’re preparing to go on those longer distance walks round the world. Have a look at the historic fishermen’s shacks above Crater Cove. Some of the best views are from the top of Dobroyd Head.

HISTORY: From First fleet times, Sydney Harbour has played an important part in people’s lives. At Grotto Point there are Aboriginal engravings. Bennelong and Arabanoo were captured here with the aim of them being assimilated into European culture. Forty Baskets Beach was so-named because of the fish caught there in the 1880s to feed Sudanese soldiers detained at the Quarantine Station, positioned across the harbour at North Head.

There are a few steps, up and down on this walk

We walk along the track into Manly Cove. Here the British captured Aboriginal people in a desperate hope to teach them English so as to be able to communicate with them. Recorded names include Arabanoo, Bennelong and Colebee, of whom only Bennelong became rather famous (the Opera House is located on Bennelong Point). For more information on our indigenous traditions, check out: - www.creativespirits.info

CLONTARF RESERVE is a favourite picnic and swimming spot for families. Here you will find a kiosk and also a restaurant nestled under the trees. There is play equipment for children and a shark proof harbour pool for swimming. In 1868 there was an assasination attempt on Queen Victoria's son Alfred while he was attending a picnic at Clontarf.

Map of walking Route on the Spit to Manly Walk

ITINERARY for Spit - Manly Walk - 10 km

  • WHERE TO START: traditionally from the Spit Bridge.
  • HOW TO GET THERE: By car (shuffle) or bus to Spit Bridge. Return to Sydney's Circular Quay on the Manly ferry.
  • WHEN TO GO: We recommend all year round, but it does get hot in summer, so take your swimming gear and try some of the beaches past Grotto Point.
  • FACILITIES: If you’re starting from Spit Bridge, there are few facilities. Along the way you will find some toilets and even a cafe selling good coffee. Manly is the best place for all your earthly needs.
  • FOOD & WATER: Take at least one litre per person and some snacks in case you get hungry.
  • WALKING GEAR: Weather: can change at anytime, so pack appropriate wet weather gear, sun hat and glasses.
  • THE WALK: 10 kms of varied walk along Sydney Harbour and harbourside suburbs.
  • Half Day. Bus to Spit Bridge and follow the well-marked trail around the coastline. Stop for a swim at any of the great beaches. At Manly get some fish and chips or ice cream. We catch the ferry back to Circular Quay.
Our Take:
A refreshing walk around Middle Head area of the harbour. Lots of history and swimming opportunities, and best of all Fish and Chips at manly when you get there.