Thredbo Walks, Australia

Australia's alpine village - multiple walks

Wild brumby near the Deadhorse TrackMOUNT KOSCIUSZKO is Australia’s highest peak at 2228 metres. At its base lies the village of Thredbo.

THREDBO HISTORY: The Alpine Way was constructed during the "Snowy River Scheme" as an access route to the western faces of the Kosciuszko Range. Skiers Charles Anton and Tony Sponar began to create an alpine village at a place called Thredbo. In 1957 the first ski lodge and rope tow were built. Thredbo thrived.

In 1997 a catastrophic landslide occured. Two ski lodges were destroyed, and 18 people died. There is a memorial walk through Thredbo that gives you an idea of the size of the landslide. There is an art walk as well as a few nature walks.

Yay, we've reached the highest point of the Deadhorse Gap Track DEAD HORSE GAP TRACK (10km): Take the chairlift to Eagle's Nest and follow the Summit Path for about 300 - 400 metres till you reach the turnoff to Dead Horse Gap. It is not marked, so keep your eye out for a thin track which veers off to the left towards a T-bar. Eventually you will see a short pole with a walker's symbol. Keep on the track to the highest point at 2019 m. We now traverse the Ramshead Range and make our way down through forests of gum and small alpine meadows. This is the valley of the Bogong River. Then down to the Thredbo River and 4 km of pleasant riverside walking before we return to the village.

RIVERSIDE WALK (4km): A pleasant low level walk which circles the golf course, although you only briefly see the course, as the trees obscure much of it. - MORE WALKS BELOW.

Map of walking Route of Cotswold Way

ITINERARY for Thredbo Walks

  • HOW TO GET THERE: Arrive in Thredbo N.S.W by bus or car. Closest main towns are Jindabyne and Khancoban.
  • WHERE TO START: Thredbo Village chairlift
  • WHEN TO GO: These are good all year-round walks except when the weather is bad or snowed under. Spring, summer and autumn.
  • MERRITT'S TRAVERSE WALK (5km): We start with a ride up to the top of the Kosciuszko Express or Crackenback chairlift. From the top of the chairlift there is a clearly marked path Merritt's Nature Track. Follow this till you reach an intersection marked Merritt's Traverse and follow this fire trail the rest of the way down to Friday Flat.
  • MAIN RANGE WALK (17km): We start with another ride up to the top of the Kosciuszko Express or Crackenback chairlift. From the top of the chairlift there is a clearly marked path to Rawsons Pass. From there follow the path until it veers to the right below the turn off to the Mt. Kosciuszko summit walk. It passes along the top of the range via Mueller's Pass, Northcote Pass, Carruther's Peak (steep) and then drops down past Blue Lake to cross the Snowy River and climbs steeply to Charlotte Pass. We met a number of walkers from around the world, Swiss, Canadians, and visitors from Norway and Denmark. We did the walk in early December and there were still a lot of snow drifts covering sections of the track. You certainly feel like you're on top of the world on this track.
  • Friends picked us up from Charlotte Pass and drove us back to Thredbo. Many people do a loop walk from Charlotte Pass. An alternative for strong and experienced walkers is to do the 32 km loop from Thredbo via the Main Range and return via the Summit Track.
  • FACILITIES: Thredbo has a full range of services. If you’re there for the day, you’ll need a National parks day pass (around $16). There are a range of walks in the area, some being overnight. An amazing experience if you have the time. There are toilets at the top and bottom of the chairlift. Also a welcome rest stop at Rawson’s Pass, which has the highest toilet in Australia.
  • FOOD & WATER: Always take about a litre of water per person and some snacks, or even a good lunch to keep you going and enjoying your walk.
  • WALKING GEAR: Good walking boots and socks are critical. Your shoes should have been broken in. Also important is what rain gear to take. Make sure it’s made from a breathable material.
Our Take:
If you are staying at Thredbo or visiting the Kosciuszko National Park for a few days or a week, these walks give you a feel for the snowy mountains - like the Man from Snowy River (but without the horse)! Remember to take your camera as there are surprising vistas and local wildlife everywhere. Don't be surprised by quick weather changes and check the weather report the night before your intended walk.