Enjoying an exhilarating walk along the Kiama Trail is good training for your upcoming walk

For all walks of three days or more, we recommend you begin some good walking training. This is particularly important for your overseas walking journeys, or even when visiting international cities whilst on holidays. The training you do at home will pay good dividends on your walking journey, as you will be able to walk more comfortably and for longer distances without getting excessively tired. You'll really be able to enjoy your walk!

The BEST training is doing something that you like

FIND an interesting loop walk in your neighbourhood:
and begin A ONE HOUR WALK on a Saturday and on Sunday. Now the plan is that 8 WEEKS BEFORE you begin your walking journey, you begin this training. FIRST WEEKEND - one hour on Saturday and one hour on Sunday.

THE NEXT 7 WEEKENDS you walk for TWO HOURS on each Saturday and Sunday. This will get you in relatively good shape for you walking journey. And what's wrong with a little more fitness and health? You can do these walks during the week, if you have the time. The more walking, the better, and remember - don't overdo it.


Your training schedule should include:

  • TWO HOURS per Saturday and Sunday.
  • Some hilly sections.
  • Interesting environment.
  • Coffee stop.
What to Take
  • Comfortable, quick-dry Shirts.
  • Travel Trousers, or Shorts.
  • Sun Hat.
  • Rain Gear.
  • The walking shoes or boots you plan to use on your walking journey.
  • Inner and outer socks (no cotton).
  • Include orthotics if you use them.
  • GEAR.
  • Day pack about 35 litre capacity.
  • Breathable Rain Gear.
  • Map of area.
  • Compass & First Aid Kit, Mobile Phone.
  • Snacks, nuts, lollies, chocolate.
  • Savoury snack, sandwich.
  • At least one litre of water.
  • Travel thermos for coffee or tea.
After a few weeks of training you should:
  • 1. Have a greater sense of well-being.
  • 2. Know whether your footwear will be suitable for a walking journey.
  • 3. Know more about your neighbourhood walking areas.