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The Anglesea Barracks 1814, Hobart Inside St. George's Church Battery Point Tasmania Thylacine at Cascade Brewery, Hobart
Lady Nelson at Elizabeth pier, Hobart Non-denominational church at Port Arthur Sandstone cottage at Richmond
EXPLORING Historic Tasmania - a fully illustrated e-Book

TASMANIA is one of the most fascinating islands on earth, richly endowed with a variety of wilderness and pastoral landscapes, a sobering climate and a personal history to match.
Once known for its remote penal settlements and harsh environment, it attracted colonial settlers with the promise of free land grants issued by the government. Denigrated for wiping out its indigenous peoples and animal species such as the Thylacine (the Tasmanian Tiger), its wilderness now attracts walkers from all over the world. If you enjoy Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture, good food, great natural scenery and tales of the old days, then this island will delight you.

The Heritage Highway Route
Exploring Historic Tasmania - 210 years over 9 days

THIS eBOOK is our INVITATION to you to set forth and explore Australia’s fascinating island state. This companion guide will help you familiarize yourself with the historical and cultural aspects of Colonial Tasmania. We begin with a European history of Hobart and Risdon. Then look at life in Van Diemen’s Land during the rule of successive governors.
Tasmania’s story includes the brutal clashes between her Indigenous peoples and her European colonisers, and the development of a penal settlement. Lachlan Macquarie, governor of New South Wales from 1810 to 1821 visited his distant island colony twice, travelling the route between Launceston and Hobart, naming most of the places along the way. Tasmania probably has the greatest concentration of Georgian era buildings outside of Britain. You’ll love it!

Your Companion Guide to Exploring Historic Tasmania along the Heritage Highway

TASMANIA - The Illustrated eBOOK

St Andrews, Evandale

We've put together our experiences of travelling through Van Diemen's Land to help you plan your journey. Of course, there's nothing like doing it yourself. EXPLORING Historic Tasmania includes:

  • Visit Runnymede historic property.
  • Follow the Heritage Highway.
  • Learn about the history of Colonial Tasmania.
  • Cross the "Invisible Beer Line".
  • Walk across Australia's Oldest Bridge at Richmond.
  • Explore Hobart on a walking tour.
  • Discover the Archer Families' Brickendon and Woolmers.
  • Visit Campbell Town and the Convict Brick Line.
  • Explore Port Arthur - Tasmania’s most visited colonial era site.
  • Visit Trugannini's memorial on Mount Nelson.

We stayed in a variety of hotels and Bed and Breakfasts including Richmond, along with colonial cottages at Brickendon and Woolmers. All the accommodation we sampled was good and hosts friendly.

EXPLORING Historic Tasmania - eBook Reviews

I was interested in the changes Macquarie had made, especially the place names. The historical background was really worthwhile.
Bernard S, 2013

We didn't have enough time to see all the places. Have to return next year. Thanks.
Visitor, 2013

Our Personal and Historical Account of Van Diemen's Land

We have put together a comprehensive, illustrated journal of the highlights of our journey along the historic Heritage Highway in Tasmania. In this eBook you will find many of the places and sites of interest, both from a historical and a traditional perspective. Towns, such as Ross, Campbelltown and the marvellous Tasmanian countryside will encourage you to make this journey yourself.

The Illustrated Guide to read before you Travel to Historic Tasmania

Entally House, near Longford

We've detailed our experiences of life on Tasmania's Heritage Highway to help you plan your own journey. Of course, there's nothing like doing it yourself. EXPLORING Historic Tasmania includes:

  • Explore Launceston on a walking tour.
  • Visit Franklin House.
  • Fully Illustrated - 165 Images, 287 pages.
  • Overview Maps - 14 maps.
  • Explore the northern villages and towns of Tasmania.
  • Visit Cascade Brewery and Cascade Women's Factory.
  • Explore Ancanthe - Lady Jane Franklin's first Museum.
  • Travel to Ben Lomond National Park.
  • Visit James Cox's Clarendon property.
  • Explore Historic Entally House and farm.
  • PDF ebook.
Downloading your eBOOK

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EXPLORING Historic Tasmania is 15 M in size and may take a few minutes to download.

Delightful Colonial Cottage Accommodation at Brickendon Farm
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