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Setting off from Bigsweir Bridge Medieval Burfa Plantation White Castle north of Monmouth
The Davies' Brothers gate of Chirk Castle George III Jubilee Tower Lock Keeper's cottage on Montgomery Canal
WALKING Offa's Dyke - Companion Guide
- a fully illustrated e-Book

OFFA'S DYKE PATH passes through some of the most attractive landscapes that either Wales or England has to offer. The Anglo-Welsh borderlands known as the Welsh Marches bear numerous scars of old battles and skirmishes. In places you can sense the old antipathy. Ruined castles, lovely valleys and old border towns contribute to the historical ambiance of the walk. The Welsh Marches offer today’s explorer numerous natural and historic sites to visit and experience. You’ll love it!

Route of Offa's Dyke Path
Our Offa's Dyke journey - 304 km over 17 days.

Offa's Dyke Path is an amazing path along the Anglo-Welsh border. Wales is the Celtic land of mystery, myth and magic. It has been host to mighty wizards and legendary kings. Poet, painter and walker alike have appreciated Wales’ dramatic landscapes and her moody vistas. Her borderland with England had been the arena for much turmoil over the past two thousand years since the Roman invasion.

Magnificent Hay Bluff in the distance

The Illustrated eBOOK Companion Guide

Narrow boats on Llangollen Canal

We've put together our experiences of life on Offa's Dyke to help you plan your journey. Of course, there's nothing like doing it yourself.

  • Visit Chepstow Castle.
  • Follow the ancient Anglo-Welsh border path.
  • Learn about the history of the Marches.
  • Cross the Pont Cysyllte Aqueduct.
  • Sites to Visit.
  • Explore Welsh villages.
  • Discover and climb over 700 stiles.
  • Learn Handy Travel Hints.
  • Explore Monmouth.
  • Visit Castell Dinas Bran.

B&Bs, hotels, Youth Hostels, caravan parks and camping grounds are available. Some walkers even ask permission from farmers to camp on their land or sleep in the barns. There is a small charge for this.

When to Go

The thing about travel is that any time is the right time. It’s just that you will have different experiences. We began our walk in early May, which is mid-late spring in England and Wales. The most popular time is summer, from June to August. However during summer, the numbers of walkers can add accommodation problems adding further challenges to the walk.

WALKING Offa's Dyke - eBook Reviews

I never realised the historic significance of the Dyke. Looking forward to walking the full distance.
Jim S, 2014

Our Personal Account of the Offa's Dyke Path

We have put together a comprehensive, illustrated journal of the highlights of our journey along historic Offa's Dyke. In this eBook you will find many of the places and sites of interest, both from a historical and a traditional perspective. Towns, such as Hay-on-Wye, the largest village devoted to second-hand books in the world and the marvellous Welsh countryside will encourage you to make this journey yourself.

The Illustrated Guide to read before you WALK Offa's Dyke

This must be stile 652!

We've detailed our experiences of life on Offa's Dyke to help you plan your own journey. Of course, there's nothing like doing it yourself. WALKING Offa's Dyke includes:

  • Walker's Information.
  • Section by Section itinerary.
  • Fully Illustrated - 110 Images.
  • Overview Maps - 23 maps.
  • Sites to Visit.
  • 190 Pages.
  • Informative Narrative.
  • Welsh History.
  • Clothes to Wear.
  • Gear to Take.
  • PDF ebook.
Downloading your eBOOK

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