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Armchair Travel for Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages to suit residents and staff.  


We’ve put our experiences of travel life and created books to inspire your journeys.


More travel experiences in downloadable ebooks with plenty of photos and maps.

This Month’s Journey

OFFA’S DYKE PATH is an amazing journey along the Anglo-Welsh border. Wales is the Celtic land of mystery, myth and magic. It has been host to mighty wizards and legendary kings. Poet, painter and walker alike have appreciated Wales’ dramatic landscapes and her moody vistas. Her borderland with England had been the arena for much turmoil over the past two thousand years since the Roman invasion.

Our Offa’s Dyke Journey – 304 km over 17 days. The Dyke is Britain’s longest archaeological monument and stretches for 80 miles (129 km) along the Anglo-Welsh border. The frontier is one of the oldest in Europe and is unique in its historical setting. Offa’s Dyke Path follows much of the ancient dyke and includes additional trails that allow the walker to completely traverse the border.

Offa’s Penny


About Good Walking Books

GOOD WALKING BOOKS began as an idea of sharing walking journeys that we had experienced in Europe, South America and Australasia. Many people have said that they ‘would love to walk those paths, but don’t know where to begin’.

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