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Armchair Travel

Armchair Travel for Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages to complement Leisure and Lifestyle activities.

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Books and eBooks

4 classic printed Books and 6 great downloadable eBooks with plenty of photos and maps to inspire your journeys.

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Life Enrichment

We’ve put together our experiences of travel life and created interactive educational courses to inspire your journeys.


About Good Walking Books

GOOD WALKING BOOKS began as an idea of sharing walking journeys that we had experienced in Europe, South America and Australasia. Many people have said that they ‘would love to walk those paths, but don’t know where to begin’. So we set about to create a range of books, ebooks and educational courses to share our experiences.

Our wonderful group of Australian pilgrims getting closer to Santiago de Compostela
The Great St Bernard Pass
The Great St Bernard Pass
september & october 2022

Journey of the Month

The Road to Rome is one of the most interesting journeys in Europe. It is also known as the Via Francigena. This journey takes you along one of the most historic and longest pilgrimage paths. The Way begins in Canterbury and makes its way to Dover. A ferry takes the traveller to Calais, where the land journey resumes. Across France to Switzerland. Then down to Lake Leman and along the Rhone Valley, up to the Alps and down to Aosta in Italy. Along the Italian peninsula, before arriving in Rome.


Travel Enrichment

Life Enrichment is about making your travels more enjoyable. Our easy program will give you some great ideas.

We have a range of courses to enhance and help plan and enhance your travels. To enjoy our Travel, History and Culture courses:

Kinder Scout in the Peak District, UK
Kinder Scout Walk, Peak District, England

Good Walking Books