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Everyone is a traveller in their own way
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Good Walking Books

About Good Walking Books: THIS IS YOUR INVITATION to explore our world on foot. We appreciate other types of travel as well – Cruising, Bussing and Driving. However it is by walking that we can deeply immerse ourselves in the worlds of the Romans, the Vikings, the medieval European Kingdoms. We truly journey through history when we walk these ancient paths. 

Chamonix Valley, Tour Mont Blanc, France
life enrichment


Our Courses put you in the ‘walker’s stride’ by letting you see and learn about the wonderful journey you’re planning to embark upon. We look at practical preparations such as how to buy the right sort of footwear and the appropriate wet-weather gear. This saves you time and money. Then we develop itineraries which allow you enough time to visit the historic houses, the castles and the village fairs on your walk. 

Tour group in Siena, Italy
for nursing homes and retirement villages

Armchair Travel

We’ve put together our experiences of travel life and so created a program of interactive sessions. We have tailored these to meet the needs of residents in retirement villages and nursing homes. Our program encourages residents to participate in these sessions with travel quizzes and journey maps.

Windmills in La Mancha Province, Spain
for community functions


We present talks at community functions and groups such as PROBUS, ROTARY and HISTORICAL Societies. We cover a variety of subjects and themes which are well received. If you think that one of the subjects in this website would be suitable for your group, contact us for speaking dates.

Figure on Door of church in Assisi, Italy

Good Walking Books