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LEON TO SANTIAGO: This section of the Santiago pilgrimage (also known as the Camino) begins in the historic city of Léon and covers a total distance of 300km to Santiago de Compostela, a classic medieval city with its cathedral as its focus. Along the way you will stay in old towns and villages, cross Roman bridges and climb up to O Cebreiro, a Celt-Iberian village which honours a miracle associated with the Virgin.

YOU WILL BE ENTRANCED by the sweep of history as you visit cities like Astorga, developed by the Romans, and Ponferrada, made famous by the Templars who built their imposing castle above the city. You will visit magnificent Spanish churches, monasteries and the occasional pilgrim refugio. There are rivers to cross, two mountain ranges to cross and many foods and wines to sample. This section of the hiking trail is 300km long.

EXPERIENCE THE FRESHNESS OF TRAVEL, where one is reborn every morning, ready to follow the sun westwards as a simple pilgrim. You become far more aware of the elements, the earth beneath your feet, the need to drink fresh water, the open sky above and the ever-present sun.Once you have arrived at Santiago, you have a number of traditional pilgrim duties to perform, such as hugging the Apostle, before you can say you’ve been on the Camino.

WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO GO? The thing about travel is that any time is the right time. It’s just that you will have different experiences. The BEST TIME is from September to November or March to May. Be aware that Easter sometimes falls in March or April so accommodation may be more difficult to obtain, so booking some is advised.

A PERSONAL ACCOUNT: Luck was with us, as we had arrived just ahead of a huge influx of pilgrims. We presented our passports, were asked a few questions about our motivations for undertaking the pilgrimage and were each issued with a brand new Compostela. Clasping our prized certificates we left the Pilgrim Office and walked along Rua de Vilars to find our hotel. Just five minutes walk away, it was a comfortable, warm establishment. Showers, change and rest.

We’ve put together our experiences of life on the Camino to help you plan your journey. Of course, there’s nothing like doing it yourself. Camino Journeys SPAIN includes:

  • Pilgrim Information.
  • Itineraries for Leon – Santiago.
  • Fully Illustrated.
  • Overview Maps.
  • Sites to Visit.
  • Informative Narrative.
  • Spanish Culture.
  • Clothes to Wear.
  • Gear to Take.
  • Price includes Post.
  • PDF ebook.

CAMINO Journeys Spain


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