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Itinerary Macquarie’s Kingdom

The map of Macquarie’s Kingdom
Raising the Flag at Old Sydney Town


Itinerary Macquarie’s Kingdom: An Easy Guide to Exploring Colonial Sydney.  In comparison to Europe, Australia’s span of history is small, yet since 1788 so much has happened. Our past is full of fascinating stories of the men and women who forged and shaped this nation. So, one fine morning, we set out on a marvellous journey to explore the imprint Lachlan Macquarie had left upon our landscape. And we invite you, dear reader, to join us in this colonial adventure. Together we will explore Sydney’s unique heritage and meet some of the people associated with its development.

A Guide for Visitors, Students and Travellers: Macquarie’s Kingdom covers much of the Governor’s travels in the colony. For simplicity here is a short version that was presented on a tour.

Below is an outline of a suggested 5-day colonial itinerary of a short tour that includes historic sites, walking excursions and suitable accommodation.

  • Begin at: the Macquarie Obelisk, or Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney.
  • How to get there: By train to St James’ station in Sydney, and walk across Queen’s Square to the gates of Hyde Park Barracks.

A Colonial Journey

Day 1. Begin at the obelisk in Macquarie Place, where distances of all roads in the colony were measured from. Luggage will be picked up and transported to the night’s accommodation.

Proceed to St. James’ church, Hyde Park Barracks. Make our way down along Macquarie Street and the Botanic Gardens to the Tarpeian Steps and Circular Quay. Explore The Rocks. Up through narrow laneways to our lunch spot. Observatory Hill, Garrison Church and return to Circular Quay. Board the Ferry to Parramatta.

Day 2. Explore Parramatta, Old Government House, Elizabeth Farm, Experiment Farm. Lunch. Coach to Prospect Hill to view the landscape of the Blue Mountains.

A stop at Mamre, Samuel Marsden’s farmhouse MAMRE. Begin ascent of Blue Mountains. Continue through Blue Mountains, Springwood, Katoomba, Explorer’s Tree and convict graves.

Day 3. After breakfast we attempt Cox’s Pass Descent. At the foot of the pass we board the coach for a journey to the historic town of Old Hartley. (Take lunch as Collit’s Inn and Rose Inn Little Hartley are not open for lunch on Wednesday).

After lunch we drive to visit the colonial Macquarie Towns of Richmond and Windsor. At St. Matthew’s church our challenge is to locate Andrew Thompson’s tombstone and read Macquarie’s epitaph to his friend.

Day 4. Cowpastures: After breakfast we drive to the region once known as the Cowpastures – Campbelltown and Camden. We visit the interesting Gledswood Homestead and Belgenny Farm the original estate of John and Elizabeth Macarthur. We visit historic Denham Court. If time allows, a visit to Mt Annan Gardens the largest Botanic Garden in Australia.

Day 5. Liverpool: After breakfast the coach takes us to Liverpool, the first town Macquarie established and visit Greenway’s buildings and the Liverpool Museum. After lunch, we return to Sydney and visit historic South Head, Watson’s Bay and the Macquarie Lighthouse. Return to Macquarie Place.

macquarie’s kingdom


History: Our lives are a part of the historical continuum. Sometimes, it’s easier to appreciate the past than the present. so, in Macquarie’s Kingdom, we manage to do both.

Indigenous landscape: Many of the new arrivals in this country did not understand or appreciate the land that they found themselves in. Even less, did they acknowledge the experience and traditions of our First People.

Architecture: Macquarie had a vision of his British Empire and enlisted skilled architects such as Francis Greenway to build accordingly. The richer inhabitants also built grand mansions in the Georgian style.

Our Take: The tour that is based on the book, takes us back to colonial times, where we experience the travels of Macquarie and his entourage as they journey across the newly discovered territories.

Macquarie Statue Liverpool 1995

Macquarie’s Kingdom – ISBN -0-9578968-3-2 (195pp)

EXPLORING COLONIAL SYDNEY – 14 Half Day and Full Day excursions in Macquarie’s Footsteps.

A guide for Visitors, Students and Travellers

Macquarie was the first governor who left a major infrastructure for us to visit, and many of the sites and buildings he ordered into existence still remain. MACQUARIE’S KINGDOM includes:

  • The Development of Sydney.
  • Greenway’s Buildings.
  • Founding of Bathurst.
  • Exploring Parramatta.
  • Visiting the Cowpastures.
  • Crossing the Blue Mountains.
  • Looking at Aboriginal Heritage.
  • The Infamous Coal River.
  • The Macquarie Hawkesbury Towns.
  • Price includes Post.

We post you a copy of Macquarie’s Kingdom once we have received your payment through Pay Pal.