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Itinerary Torres del Paine

Views of Lago Nordenskjold
Route of 5 Day “W” Walking Journey in Torres del Paine N.P.


Itinerary Torres del Paine “W” – 35km 5 Days: The name “Paine” comes from a Tehuelche Indian word meaning “blue”. The Paine Massif is almost completely encircled by the Rio Paine.

The following is an outline of the 5-day walk itinerary that we chose.  We decided on this itinerary because this is the traditional journey, the reasonable distances and the available accommodation.

  • Begin at: Puerto Natales, Chile.
  • How to get to the park: A bus or mini bus will take you to Torres del Paine National Park’s entrance. From there you will be transferred to Hostel Lago Grey and then taken by ferry across Lago Grey to Refugio Grey.
  • How to get back from Hosteria Torres: A bus will transfer you to the Park entrance, from where you take a bus back to Puerto Natales.

The Lakes

Day 1: To the National Park
Bus from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park. Ferry along Lago Grey to Refugio Grey.

Day 2: Along Lago Grey
Walk to Paine Grande (lodge) (11km 4hrs).

Day 3: Gaining Altitude
Walk to Camp Italiano (7.6km 2hrs).
Walk (round trip) to Camp Britanico (11km 5hrs).
Walk to Refugio Cuernos (5.6km 2.5hrs).

The Towers

Day 4: Over the crest and to the valley
Walk to Refugio Chileno (12km 5hrs.

Day 5: Finally, the Towers
Walk to base of Torres (round trip) 4hrs. – your destination! Walk to Hosteria Torres 2hrs.
Take bus back to Puerto Natales. 

Day 6. Puerto Natales. Overnight here before taking bus to Punta Arenas and flight to Santiago.

itinerary torres del paine


The National Park Torres del Paine is, one of the most spectacular national parks in Chile. Its beautiful setting amongst snow-capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mirrored lakes has made it an attractive destination for hikers and backpackers, ecology-lovers and adventure sportsmen and women.

This is a once in a lifetime Patagonian experience. Couple this walk with a general visit to South America and you have a great journey ahead of you.

WALK Torres del Paine. ISBN -978-0-9578968-5-7 (88p)

A fully illustrated account of the W Route in Torres del Paine National Park. The e-book is compatible with any PDF capable e-book reader or computer.

The Classic walk in Patagonia

We’ve detailed our experiences of life on the W Walk to help you plan your journey. There are plenty of photos and maps as well. Of course, there’s nothing like doing it yourself. WALK Torres Del Paine includes:

  • Walker’s Information.
  • Day by Day itinerary.
  • Fully Illustrated – 65 Images.
  • Overview Maps – 7 maps.
  • Sites to Visit.
  • Background information on the area.
  • The great Lodges for accommodation.
  • The Towers themselves.
  • 85 Pages.
  • Informative Narrative.
  • Chilean Culture.
  • Clothes to Wear.
  • Gear to Take.
  • PDF ebook.

We email you a download link within 24 hours once we have received your payment through Pay Pal.