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Journeys Europe

In Journeys Europe we have a grouping of classic journeys across this huge and varied continent.

Via Francigena: The Road to Rome

From Canterbury in England to Rome, an historic journey in the footsteps of Pilgrims, Merchants and Armies.

Lithuania: The Land of the Balts

A Road Trip through the nation that were the Last Pagans in Europe

Norway: Vikings, gods and Pilgrims

A Hurtigruten Cruise, a Road Trip and then a Pilgrimage Trail to Tronheim

Spain: an Epic Empire

A Road Trip through the western and southern Spanish provinces

The Spanish Camino

The ancient pilgrimage from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela

The French Camino

In the footsteps of the medieval pilgrims from Le Puy to Conques

Baltic Sea: the Northern Nations

Superb cruising from Stockholm, Sweden to Bergen, Norway

Mediterranean Sea: the Southern Nations

Superb cruising from Barcelona to Venice, in the wake of the sea traders

Tour Mont Blanc: Europe’s Highest Mountain

A walk around the Mont Blanc Massif: France, Italy and Switzerland

Rhine River: A cruise through history

A 7-Day cruise from Basel to Amsterdam, through Switzerland, France, Germany and finally the Netherlands