Macquarie’s Kingdom


The Journey

Explore Lachlan Macquarie’s legacy in Greater Sydney Town
Historic Sites

The Government Stables

The Governor

Lachlan Macquarie


The Blue Mountains


The Rum Corps

Macquarie Lighthouse near South Head

The Macquarie Era

Governor Lachlan Macquarie was sent to the colony to take control after the mutinous conduct of the NSW Corps. Power was transferred without bloodshed and in 1810 the new governor took over the reins and began implementing his vision of a colony worthy of the Empire. The Macquaries spent 12 years in the colony and left behind a solid legacy which was the foundation for a future Australia. The Macquarie story is a remarkable one and encompasses a number of memorable colonial undertakings.

A guide for Visitors, Students and Travellers

Macquarie was the first governor who left a major infrastructure for us to visit, and many of the sites and buildings he ordered into existence still remain.


  • The Development of Sydney.
  • Exploring Parramatta.
  • Visiting the Cowpastures.
  • Crossing the Blue Mountains.
  • Looking at Aboriginal Heritage.
  • The Infamous Coal River.
  • The Macquarie Hawkesbury Towns.
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Macquarie’s Kingdom