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Odin’s Last Rune, England

Coast to Coast

The Journey

Coast to Coast: Walking through England’s history

The Hill of Dent


Kirkby Stephen


Ennerdale Water

Meet the Locals

Morning Tea

Coast to Coast Route in Northern England

Coast to Coast Walk

Odin’s Last Rune: The Coast to Coast Walk takes you through England’s most interesting national parks. We follow Alfred Wainwright’s classic hiking trail through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and across the North Yorkshire Moors. “Early spring seemed the best time of the year to walk the route. It would still be slightly chilly with fewer fellow walkers, making accommodation easier to find. We figured that 18 days on the journey would give us sufficient time to soak up the beauty of the landscape and the history and character of this part of England. Ancient villages, market places, castles and rugged landscape are all part of the experience on this 309 km walking journey through the heart of Northern England”.

Odin's Last Rune - Good Walking Books

Odin’s Last Rune: ISBN -0-9578968-0-8 (169pp): 

A personal account of 17 days on the fascinating Coast to Coast Walk.

History, walking and Viking tales

We’ve put together our experiences of life on the Coast to Coast Walk to help you plan your journey. Of course, there’s nothing like doing it yourself. Odin’s Last Rune includes:

  • Anglo-Saxon History.
  • English Culture and Food.
  • The Story of the Vikings.
  • The Invasion of the Normans.
  • Sites to Visit.
  • Walking Gear.
  • Suggested Itinerary.
  • Challenges and Rewards.
  • Price includes Post.

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