On the Milford Track


The Journey

Walk New Zealand’s world Famous Trail
Refuge Huts

McKinnon Pass


At the Mintaro Hut


Cheeky Kea


Milford Sound

Le Puy to Conques Route in France

The Track

Since the route was opened in 1888, everyone from experienced walkers to beginners breaking in their new boots, have all taken up the challenge of walking the Milford Track. After reading about New Zealand’s South Island and its amazing Fiordland area, we decided that the Milford Track was for us, and we chose to go as independent walkers. And the track made sure we experienced it in its many guises – benevolent, rain-soaked, windy and occasionally serene.

This was a great four day trek. We got totally soaked (2 ½ days of rain). Our clothes did not dry, but it was good fun. We made quick friendships with our fellow walkers, since we all shared the same conditions, and the same goal – to reach Sandfly Point. Each hut had its own ranger who would provide a debrief of the day’s journey and gave us a weather report for the next day.

4 Days – Scenery Plus

We’ve put together our experiences of four days walk on the Milford track to help you plan your journey. Of course, there’s nothing like doing it yourself. ON THE MILFORD TRACK includes:

  • Four Day Itinerary.
  • Maori Myths of the Landscape.
  • The Discovery of Mackinnon’s Pass.
  • Gear to Take.
  • Clothes to Wear.
  • Places to Visit.
  • DOCS Huts and experiences.
  • Challenges and Rewards.
  • Price includes Post.

On the Milford Track